The idea behind and #Lymphoria

The idea for the Lymphoria webpage and the Instagram profile arose one day I watched an interview with this beautiful Danish woman on tv. Among other things she spoke about being a role model and in connection to that mentioned her thousands and thousands of followers on Instagram. Out of curiosity and very little knowledge of this woman I googled her and was led into her Instagram account. What I found was hundreds of very beautiful pictures of this – according to the standards of today – perfectly looking woman not wearing much clothes.

I thought of this woman mentioning being a role model for so many young women – and that many women easily could get the feeling that they were not in any way “living up to the standards” when they saw pictures of this woman. Especially if one had obvious physical “flaws” like very swollen body parts as you do with lymphedema. And that I myself had felt like that (and can still be to a small extent once in a while); I have been so insecure about my stockings and it took my 3 years before I started breaking down this mental wall and walked out in public with my stockings showing.

So I thought that I might show another picture than this beautiful, perfect woman on Instagram. A picture of an every day life that in some ways is very different from so many other’s – and not perfect in anyway. And tell the story that you can – and should – still feel beautiful in spite of you having some physical disabilities.

All these thoughts collapsed with a check up-appointment at the lymphedema department at the hospital. The doctor came in and asked about how it was going with my lymphedema. During the previous 6 month my lymphedema had generally worsened a lot. But during the foregoing 14 days up until the check up-appointment I had experienced surprisingly good results and reduced swelling by doing just 10 minutes of yoga every night for the foregoing 14 days which I told the doctor. He replied by telling me that in other countries, where they do not use stockings, lymphedema is actually treated with yoga with good results, but he did not really know much more than that. And then I just looked at him. I have been in the health system and admitted to the hospitals so many times during the last 5 years because of my lymphedema and every time the same thing happens: The level of information is poor and the information platforms seems to be shattered into a million pieces where nobody have much more than a fragment of the relevant information to give. So I thought: “Why don´t I try to give other people in need of information about lymphedema the whole picture? Gather all the information I have and all the experiences I’ve gained over the years at one place?”

And so the idea was born – I was going to set up a webpage and an Instagram account that showed the whole picture of a life with lymphedema, a platform with a wide range of information and all sorts of practical advice and thoughts. A platform that at the same time would tell the story of you still being able to feel beautiful and live a great life despite of having in some ways a broken body.

My mission is to give others all the information I have hungered for myself all these years and at the same time show others that you still can have a great life despite of having lymphedema. Tell stories about the emotional rollercoaster being diagnosed with lymphedema can be, writing articles about what forms of exercise works great for lymphedema limbs, how you can build up a strong body and avoid lymphedema related infections and much, much more.

I hope this webpage can provide others with all the things I have felt I needed over the years.


If you should have any comments, questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can find contact information here.